By Cedric Sadai
Published 2 years ago

The immortal art of Tamara "Hyuro" Djurovic

The immortal art of Tamara "Hyuro" Djurovic

Last year, one of the most talented artists of her generation passed away. Her art remains immortal. Here is a tribute to Tamara Djurovic, Hyuro.

For a decade, Tamara Djurovic, aka Huyro traveled across the globe to perform magnificent giant-sized murals representing the unseen women of the world. 
The Argentinian artist was one of the most respected female muralists. Her art, a concentrate of poetry and delicacy, moved countless people in and out of the art world.
Often considered a poetic feminist, Huyro's walls often represented other women. Women as fighters, or ordinary women trying to survive the challenges of their daily lives. Her sincerity made her art relatable, bridging the gap of differences that suddenly revealed as pointless.
Her art keeps on living and inspiring countless artists. Some of her walls remain to be admired, mostly around Valencia, where she established.

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