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By Lindsayt |  Published on Friday, January 21, 2011.

Artists descend on The Gambia for an adventure of a lifetime.

This Fall, eight artists made their way to The Gambia for a social experiment to call their own. What began as a short email between Larry Bushdweller and British artist Eulus about painting a village in the small West African country turned out to be something bigger. Eulus gathered several more artists including Xenz and Broken Crow to visit The Gambia with him, paint and document the trip.





Mysterious Al




Lucy Mclauchlan



The team has only been there for roughly one month, but have already shared a lot of what they've learned so far. We enjoyed artist Logan Hicks' "Things I Learned in Gambia" where he noted "If the apocalypse comes, I don't think the fat fuckers that are sitting around in their lazy-boy recliners with a beer in one hand, and the remote in the other are going to be the ones that survive. It's going to be the Gambians" 




Broken Crow





Group Wall


While in The Gambia, the 8 artists are running workshops with local children. They hope to turn Wide Open Walls into a charity so that the work can continue on a yearly basis. For the time being, their primary goal is to get the painting done before 1 pm, less they encounter a "sweaty struggle in this ridiculous heat and humidity."









Broken Crow




Mysterious Al


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