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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

"I would define this story as a fascinating and unpremeditated cultural clash". Amazing documentary by MTO. A proof of the street art power and what it reveals in the heart of people.

The documentary by the artist MTO explains what happened in Sarasota. An incredible story that highlights all issues of current street art. Exciting. This is the story of a censored wall, a controversy that has infected the city like a tsunami, about commercial use of street art and lies... The artist answered with smart and mysterious walls and let people react and judge.

This documentary is unique as it captures a incredible event highlighting issues such as censorship, the subjectivity of art, the commercial use of street art, subversion, artistic message, the difference between the popular interpretation art and the authorities interpretation, as well as racial stereotypes apparently still heavily alive in Florida.

A superb video, impressive walls and a surprising ending !

The censored piece...

Street art :La peinture de MTO effacée en floride

The answer :

Street art : La réponse de MTO à la ville de Sarasota.

The other walls :

And walls from his first visit to Sarasota :

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