Underbelly in Paris


By Marie |  Published on Saturday, December 10, 2011.

True story of a night spend in the bowels of Paris with an international graffiti team. Pleasure in its purest form.

"The Underbelly Project" was first organized in the underground of New York last year, again with an impressive team gathering a hundred of confirmed and emerging artists. The project's goal is to access by night forgotten underground places, paint it and leave his best mark. In Paris, the project led by Workhorse and PAC grouped Futura, C215, Tristan Eaton, How and Nosm, Saber, SheOne, Conor Harrington, Alice Pasquini and Will Barras.


Famous guests was here too: Martha Cooper and Ian Cox to photograph the performance, in other words a dream project! Let's follow them in the slums of Paris. Throughout the night, everyone has painted his own piece in connection with others or not. According to the artists, access to the spot was not simple, indeed, the project was held clandestinely. Martha Cooper also mentions that "the act of descending scales in narrow spaces in the middle of the night was a great adventure



The organizer Workhorse said  "If you are seen and caught in the act, it is not easy to explain what you are doing illegally with bombs and cameras. I think we were all aware we had no time to joke. "In addition to the adrenaline and the conditions to paint, the artists have been working to make colorful pieces including Tristan Eaton who made half of its wall in the dark using a very strong red.

From the left to the right : SheOne, Tristan Eaton and Conor Harrington

Futura meanwhile was left to the imagination, always in his mastery of abstract style graffiti. He saw also the Underbelly as a "call of duty graffiti."


Some have also made contact with their achievements such as Alice Pasquini’s frightened girl hiding her face who can answer to Conor Harrington’s headless horseman.


Will Barras-Alice Pasquini

Conor Harrington

C215 has painted the face of an old railroad man,  impressive by the fact that it refers to the world of tunnels. Meanwhile, How and Nosm painted a wall near SheOne.


Alice Pasquini-C215

From the left to the right : How et Nosm-SheOne

How and Nosm-SheOne


FatCap can only encourage this project, genuine, illegal and beautiful.

Artists all agree, according Saber: "I felt privileged to be part of such a great project and kept secret in one of my favorite cities. It was an honor to paint with these artists and to be photographed by Martha Cooper. "

Tristan Eaton said also "We were all gathered to do what we all love (...) it was a powerful experience."

14 hours of work for a result that we can only see in pictures, but what a result!

Source pictures : BSA

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