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By Lindsayt |  Published on Friday, June 3, 2011.

FatCap Official Photographer Nite Owl holds it down in Californ-I-A, and captures the TVC Crew as the reunite in their old stomping grounds.

The ever-so talented and down right passionate photographer Nite Owl out of Oakland blew us away with his photographs and dedication to capturing straight up graff and the artists that are getting up in big ways! As you may know, with San Francisco cracking down hard on graffiti since 2004-05,, the scene in the Bay Area has shifted significantly east, across the water to Oakland.  

Nite Owl doesn't just stick to Oakland, he's up and down the West Coast!  He recently shared with us these exclusive photographs as members of the TVC Crew descended into San Diego for a reunion.








Direct from Nite Owl:

Recently, the TVC (The Vicious Cycle) crew all descended on their old stomping grounds of San Diego for a 19 year reunion. Proving they still have it after all these years they crushed an entire building in the North Park district. The roll call of artists is too long to list - the likes of PENG 1, H-BOMB, HASLER and more -, but the entire crew was well represented on the walls and rooftops. It was all legal, but sick. And, Augor from MSK was in town to drop a tribute to Revok on the rooftop.



Augor for Revok - Still Up Even When I'm Down


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