By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, March 17, 2010.

Funny street signs in Los Angeles, Detroit and Miami. TrustoCorp strikes again.



TrustoCorp is a street artist who puts contextual street signs in the streets of USA. The signs are funny, sarcastic and cynical. The artist animates the street for the pleasure of any passersby, and it works ! The drawings feature all a funny stock phrase, a cool design and the same logo.

"No snitching" in front of Alcatraz in San Francisco.

"You are not cool" in Williamsburg.

"Locals only" in Manhattan.

In the past many diversion plates have already been made in France, Barcelona or New York by a lot of artists. Trustocorp stands out for its humorous touch, his sense of form and a design inspired by the state propaganda.


Trustocorp on FatCap


Trustocorp's flickr


Trustocorp signs


Trustocorp street signs


Trustocorp funny





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