Sweden´s got No Limit


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Friday, September 12, 2014.

For the first time in history Sweden is opening up it´s walls for large scale commission murals. And Street Art in Sweden is hot, smokin´hot.

Article by Anders Kihl for FatCap

Isaac Cordal © Anders Kihl

With Artscape Festival in Malmö earlier this year, now Örebro and the town of Borås promising a lot with it´s name No Limit Street Art, Swede really has learned to love street art.

No Limit Street Art Borås has the intention not to set any limits, see sketches or trying to affect the artists. Brave building owners and the municipality do have a close cooperation and are willing to bring art in to the public living room of the city center.

The town of Borås, with a bit more than a 100.000 inhabitants are now during the days of the festival turning into a gigant outdoor gallery. The Curator, Shai Dahan (watch interview) has tried to get artists with different styles and names in the line up is Kobra, Etam Cru, Natalia Rak, Peeta, ECB, Ollio, Ekta, The London Police, Isaac Cordal, Carolina Falkholt, Simple and Appear37.


Enjoy the pictures and videos, and stay tuned!


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Peeta © Anders Kihl

Simple © Anders Kihl

Carolina Falkholt © Anders Kihl

Natalia Rak (on FatCap Live!) © Anders Kihl

Ollio © Anders Kihl

Eduardo Kobra (on FatCap Live!) © Anders Kihl

The London Police © Anders Kihl

Ekta (on FatCap Live!) © Anders Kihl

Etam Cru (Bezt on FatCap Live! and Sainer on FatCap Live!) © Anders Kihl

ECB (on FatCap Live!) © Anders Kihl

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