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By Marie |  Published on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

It had to be think: the graffiti out of its urban context to make it live in the wild. Here it is the mission of the organization Art Svoboda.

It is not in the street or in lost vacant that the organization Art Svoboda operates, but rather in the nature, the true one. “Svoboda” which means “liberty” in Russian takes all his sense here.

Forests, fields, lakes, rivers, mountains and vast plains are the field of creating of Russian street artists group, who do not skimp on ways to integrate their creations in the nature.

Who would have thought installing the graffiti on the water for example? Well it's done here by those artists who firstly paint their letterings and characters in a workshop on a waterproof support. The next step is to make these pieces live in a natural environment, much like the models that come alive with people.

The project took shape in different places over a year, in line with the season to give each time a new interpretation through the arts groups.

Supported by Molotow, STRG and Vivacity this project also claims to support the fact that the graffiti can live away from the hell of the cities.

A funny concept that shows us the originality of the Russian street art scene.

Here are the videos of these procedures performed last year.

Свобода - Зима from 3avideo on Vimeo. Installation 17/03/11


Свобода - Весна / Промежуточный этап from 3avideo on Vimeo. Installation 14/04/11


Свобода - Весна, 2011 from 3avideo on Vimeo. Installation 14/05/11 with Robe, Nebraska, Ykor, Maskow, Mae, Debut, Ste, Resa, Meros, Trshr, Tor, Laz, Notes, Kolosov Andrey, Ridy, Jam and Rafi.


Свобода - Лето, 2011 from 3avideo on Vimeo. Installation 12/08/11 with Robe, Nebraska, Mae, Debut, Ridy, Jam, Rafi, Laz, Notes, Mute, Ykor, Maskow, Kodak, Elum, Perso and Rom.


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