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By Wessame Benahcene |  Published on Sunday, December 8, 2013.

Jilly Ballistic exposes her geek side in the New York subway by displaying computer alerts and warning messages .

Article by Wessame Benahcene for FatCap

Jilly Ballistic is a street hacker with a prominent geek side. In his latest video, we can see him wandering in the New York subways, wearing a gas mask making him unrecognizable. Acting like a street hacker he uses advertisements in the subway and transforms their purpose. His tools are simple: some paper and some glue. And a guaranteed impact. The artist recycles alert messages by changing their usual content.

The goal ? Make people smile. "The humorous tone that I use in my work is a part of my personality." But he also uses his art as a message to fight against the advertising pollution bystanders have to put up with and calls his own art "art pollution". Probably in response to the advertising pollution which adorns the subways. His messages, like "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this ad ?" or "Sorry. The product you are looking for is under maintenance due to its lack of quality. Try again later, please. Thank you." In the context he puts them in, are hilarious.

Originally from Brooklyn, this very imaginative artist entered the world of street art only four years ago. For him, graffiti and pasting are an effective means of communication. "For me, the metro is our shared space and theone thing we all have in common." Better than internet, this transit provides "millions of views."

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