Street art at Bains Douches


By Wessame Benahcene |  Published on Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

A former mythical club transformed in an artist residency before its distruction.

Les bains Douches transformés en résidence artistique

Les Bains Douches used to be a mythical Paris nightclub in Paris. Some of the biggest fashion, music and cinema stars of the 80's used to party hard within its walls and it hosted quite a few legendary hip hop events. The long abandoned 30 000sqft were invested by international artists for an ephemeral artistic residency before the venue's destruction programmed for last April 30th. Vhils, C215, Nasty, Parole, Stew, Sten and Lex participated where amongst those who participated.

Here are some pictures of that pretty amazing initiative :

Module Zeer :

Street art aux Bains Douches - Artiste Jayone

Street art aux Bains Douches - Artiste Nasty

Street art aux Bains Douches - Artiste nasty

Graffiti aux Bains Douches - Artiste Sowat

Street art aux Bains Douches - Artiste Sten et Lex

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