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By Lindsayt |  Published on Wednesday, December 15, 2010.

Art Basel and the artists from around the world come and go each year. But Miami stays forever. Get to know the host city and its artists.


A raspy mans voice comes over the radio in what seems to be an advertising spot, "Miami a city of bustling commerce and conventions.  It is the nation's favorite vacation spot.  A year round holiday resort."  We know from the past two weeks, as photos and more photos emerge from Art Basel, that this is very true, but for as many people that see the city as a year round resort, there are people that call it home.


Locals have every right to want the world to know how Miami rolls, and one videographer is taking that mission as his own to conquer.  Ricky, aka UNEAK LMA, is a Massachusetts transplant that wants to move the spotlight away from the visiting artists and back on Miami's local graffiti scene.  And rightfully so, the pictures and his video trailer for a full length documentary don't lie.


Ricky captures his first subject saying about Art Basel, "This is the year, the time period, the one week, where I'm going to do whatever the fuck I can to show that I'm talented, smart and witty.  And it's like so, "What the fuck are you doing for the rest of the year?"  Living in Miami.  What are you doing in Miami?  Who's credible?  You know?"  Yeah, we can see how'd you come to feeling like that.





We look forward to the full length ditty that'll let us get to artists like Enve, 9Teen, Hest, Hox, Ticoe and more.  In the meantime, more pics, and another video:




Uneak LMA


UNEAK LMA - Focused on Graff




ENVE MSG - Miami


Enve MSG by Focused on Graff



9teen MSG by Opposite of Color Blind


9teen MSG by Opposite of Color Blind





Abstrk MSG by Focused on Graff


Abstrk MSG by Focused on Graff




Ticoe and 9teen


Ticoe & 9teen by Focused on Graff







Tren MSG by Opposite of Color Blind



Hox & Typoe by Focused on Graff




RIP Ynot by Ticoe



RIP Ynot by Ticoe by Focused on Graff





Focused on Graff (on Flickr) has one of the most complete archives of pictures from Art Basel.  Check it.


Ricky's Tumblr and Vimeo


Videos: Hox and Hest and Hox in Action

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