The graffiti Recipe


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Thursday, August 25, 2011.

You never thought that you could create your own spray can? We got the magic recipe. Instructions inside.

I have always been both fascinated and disgusted by the spray paint. This amazing tool allowed the emergence of graffiti and street art movement. It's a gem of art technology that opens the door to many new painting techniques and rendering effects.

It's almost a cult object. Graffiti artists are in love with spray paint. How many cans were painted and represented in all their forms by artists? How many models are collected, decorated? No doubt, it is an addictive tool, stylized, futuristic, attractive. You immediately want to try it. It's an extension of the hand, a medium of instantaneous creation-destruction, a marvel of modern times.

But the bomb is also heavy, very heavy if you want to paint a big wall. It's toxic both through its emissions and its inability to be recycled or even because of its volume and its one shot use. This is obviously extremely dangerous to our health, but above all, it's very expensive. In 2011 it is not yet available all over the world, and it is a source of fantasy for young aspiring artists in poor countries.

So you can understand why I particularly appreciate the following video. Splay was created by Narcelio Crud and Tiago Diel is a low-tech solution that allows you to create your own spray paint and enjoy the pshhiit and the pshooout, relaxing graffiti sound... It is certainly somewhat complex and tedious, but possible.

And if you still have doubts about the extraordinary variety of painting techniques offered by the spray paint, its certainly because  you have not visited enough FatCap and pages of supports, of graffiti styles and types!  

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