"Right Place, Right Time"


By Anissa |  Published on Friday, May 1, 2015.

« Graffiti is the grit and vibrancy of a city. Graffiti is audacious, urban, and anthropological. » Kevin Cyr.

Working-class and industrial environments have been reoccurring themes in Kevin's work. The working vans—carpenter's van, moving company, delivery truck or even band vans are reproduced under his brush. After a series entitled "Praise of Rust" on vans and vehicles from the streets of New York (read interview), Kevin Cyr gives us his new paintings cars from Berlin, Brussels and Paris !

The exhibition "Right Place, Right Time" takes place in New York at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Find the work of Kevin Cyr in France, in Lille in the permanent collections of the Oxylane Art Foundation.

 Jean Volders © Kevin Cyr

Jean-Pierre Timbaud © Kevin Cyr

 Jouye-Rouve © Kevin Cyr

Sainte-Thérése © Kevin Cyr

Bruno-Bauer © Kevin Cyr

Jules Romains © Kevin Cyr

Julien Lacroix © Kevin Cyr

Léon © Kevin Cyr

Malte © Kevin Cyr

Professeur Gosset © Kevin Cyr

Skalitzer © Kevin Cyr

Villette © Kevin Cyr

Wolliner © Kevin Cyr

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