Snack(i) Attack


By Lindsayt |  Published on Tuesday, December 14, 2010.

No doubt we all like to look at some good pieces and to learn about new artists. Grab a snack & chew on these pics from Snacki. Chi-town inside.

Winter is here. From Paris to Colorado, snow is falling, blanketing the streets and buildings, forcing the weak indoors.  Up there in Chicago, the Windy City, it's close to 0 °F but artists are still leaving their mark for the season ahead.  Playful, humorous, insightful and colorful. Get to know SNACKI: 







Snacki and Amuse










Work Hard to Die



Find out what's keeping Snacki busy through the winter:



If you want some more, here's a stop motion of SNACKI, DKAL, ROGER NOTEEF and STAL working.


Snacki on Flickr.  Additional photo credits to Senior Codo and Eclectic Dyslexic


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