Ship Graffiti


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Your boat looked like shit so we painted it! Great video by the Dudug collective painting a huge mysterious ship...

An original idea by the artist Kiwie and the Dudug collective. On the shores of Llanerch-y-mor near Liverpool in England a huge ship, the "Duke of Lancaster" has been abandoned since the 70s, a prey to the ravages of time and rust.

The history of this ship is mysterious and special. Some say he was a victim of the bankruptcy of a family business managing ferry between Belfast and Heysham. Others say it was created during the Cold War to save and enable the survival of the royal family in case of defeat against USSR. It would have been equipped with numerous weapons and technical innovation before being considered outdated and useless in the mid 80s.

Anyway, today it is an ugly kingdom of rust. It has found a new lease of life thanks to Kiwie and the Dudug collective. Here is the video of the paintings on this legendary ship.

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