Seth is Magic


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, February 18, 2015.

The artist Seth has completed a new series of walls in Paris. Magic, childhood and poetry...

Have you ever wanted to walk through walls ? To see through a mysterious wall, have one foot in reality and the other in a second reality ? This is the common point of the new series of Seth's painting. The Parisian artist challenges us and takes us through the magic of illusion. Through his characters, he invite us into another reality, that of an hidden world, imaginary, very close to us, and finally available... you just have to go into the wall !

Playing on texture, surface and even anamorphic floor illusion, Seth will bring you in a dreamy world. You'll notice a nod to Mesnager and a superb wall with the ukrainian artist Kislow. We love the wall of two children kissing each other or maybe just visiting their own inside worlds.

In addition to these serie of small walls, Seth painted a beautiful facade. A crowded sky flying fish, a water surface made of sad gray umbrellas, and a young girl using her colorful umbrella as a boat. Awesomeness !

This girl invites us to see the world differently than what society offer, a little searching effort and you'll realize that beauty and dreams are everywhere... The flying fish symbolize the permeability between the worlds of sea and air, or between the dream world and the real world. What's more extraordinary than these sea creatures that fly ? Yet they actually exist. Our world would it be great ? Is it enough to watch it with a child's eyes to finally realize and truly appreciate it ?

Leave the rain and urban gray through to dreams and color thanks to a new perspective. Breaking the apparent separation of the real world and the dream world... this is the modest and touching gift offered by Seth through this latest round of painting.

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