San Diego Walls update


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

Our friend the photographer Nite Owl is bringing you fresh pics from San diego. Rime, Persue, Dabs Myla, Mad steez... Enjoy!

Words by Nite Owl FatCap official Photographer:

"Here's a quick update of what has been going down in sleepy San Diego. I rolled through to paint some walls and noticed that some big names have been rolling through SD and putting forth some nice work. Here are a few of the latest walls that have been going down and a couple of old classics with sake and dyse!"

Augor piece in San diego. Summer 2012


Graffiti by Rime Dabs and Myla in San Diego

Rime, Dabs and Myla


Kopye, Drue and Hert

Mad steez wall in San diego

Mad Steez

Maxx Moses

Nite Owl

Persue, Revok and Steel


Dabs, Myla and Rime


Shark and Cyber

Verb, Persue and Kyse

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