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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Friday, April 27, 2012.

Rusl from the LoveLetters crew shares with FatCap readers his experience with istanbul kids during the last Bomonti Street art Festival in Istanbul

Here's a text written by Rusl from the LoveLetters. He wanted to share his experience with FatCap readers. During the Bomonti street art festival in Istanbul he had the chance to teach kids graffiti. Pictures, and video. Big up to Rusl!

As part of Bomonti Street Art Festival in Istanbul, which I was invited, I was also asked by the Bilgi Collegue if I could make a graffiti workshop with 29 children. The kids, between 8-9 years had previously never something do with graffiti. After a 1.5 hour "free" preparation phase and the first spraycan control / spray test, we decided due to the fact of the amount of the participants (29Kids), to spray the turkish alphabet (29 letters) on the wall. I freestyled the first letter combination on the wall and became the vision, whilst sketching to fill the abc with a rainbow gradient (+/- some greytones) from left to right. I did this because I liked the idea to bring more "nuances" into the piece and show them the variety of an colourscale. On the other hand i thought it going to be good to minimize the procedure before the kids became overwhelmed by the situation. One color for one letter - one Letter for one person. This keeps the chaos away within the group of 29 Kids and everyone could produce one single letter for themself with one color in 2 hours!


Graffiti Workshop

Graffiti workshop for kids in Istanbul


Each participant had to prepare a letter completely for their own, (fill-in, Outlines, highlights and Shadows). My idea was to fix up everything at the end because i wanted to retain that "childish" fillins of the each letter. But due to heavy rain, the workshop sadly had to be stopped unfortunately during the outline phase and it was´nt really nice to see all that smiling faces looking downwards a bit. For sure they was happy and thanksfull for this great expierience - but an unfinished piece for me, is a unfinished piece for them, too.


Graffiti workshop for kids in Istanbul

Graffiti workshop for kids in Istanbul

Graffiti workshop for kids in Istanbul


Since there was not much more time (for the kids, as for me, too) and it was still raining heavily and also became darker - I did´nt reaaallllyyy know how to finish this wet wall before i leave.



As it then, before my departure (next day at 5o´clock in the morning - "take notice"), it suddenly stopped to rain and the wall went dry within 1h. I went back to the spot and wanted to finish what we started - my aim was simply to give a finished piece to these nice individuals - i could´nt keep the faces in my mind and I really dont wanted to remember their sad faces. So i went back to the stockroom and tooked all the cans i need to finish this piece.


Graffiti workshop for kids in Istanbul

Graffiti workshop for kids in Istanbul


Next day i´ve heard that all these kids was saying my name like (RUSL´Abi ("Abi" means big bro in turkish) finished our wall- yeeaaahh!! That was it worth!!!! Although of this young age and the heavy rain, I would like to send some HUGE kudos to these kids. They put all a tremendous power and high inquisitive of the day, which made me very surprised and proud.


Final wrokshop wall

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