Rotten Ones


By Lindsayt |  Published on Friday, January 14, 2011.

Matt Gallagher captures the grittiness of Philadelphia and some of its most known writers and characters.


It's not a level playing field in Philadelphia. The Mural Arts Program dominates the scene with over 2000 commissioned indoor and outdoor murals.  Sponsoring mostly fine-art pieces, the program has yet to embrace the spray can.   When projects like ESPO's series of Love Letters in West Philly take center stage, you can see that everything else gets relegated to the 'other' bin.



If you want to get up in the city in your own way, best to stay away from the center.



Thankfully there's Matt Gallagher to capture the most known writers doing what they do best.  In their own element and unrefined.  His photographs breathe life into the large swaths of areas outside Center City.  Where abandoned buildings, violence and a destitute landscape heavily influence the atmosphere of the neighborhoods and people that live there, the photographer captures the pulse.  












Gallagher opened The Rotten Ones at Black Vulture Gallery last week to a large crowd including many of his photographic subjects from the past 10+ years.  Late Night Feelings says it best about Gallagher's work:



Matt Gallagher has cultivated a lifestyle that many would envy, few if any could handle. From coked out hipster whores, to climbing trains to take pics or postin' up on the dead end blocks, he has come to define the term “cultured thug”. Matt has found his calling in capturing and exposing the irony and life lessons in urban squalor. Raised in the heart of Juniata to be heralded in the art galleries of gentrified Fishtown and the VIP rooms of downtown, Matt has found his place at the top of Philly's most prestigious scumbags, socialites and downright hood rats.






















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