Rone's women


By Wessame Benahcene |  Published on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

Feminine beauty, nostalgia, decadence and poetry. The giant portraits of Australian Rone does not leave us indifferent...

Article by Wessame Benahcene for FatCap

Rone loves women and shows it fully. The creations of this artist highlights their beauty and grace. The theme chosen by the Australian is an all time classic. But the work stands out from the others by his painting technique. Very resembling these women's faces intrigue, whether his models are real or are the fruit of his imagination.

He produces his works through three techniques : stencil, spray, roll. Drips, bright colors, playing with textures of the wall, his portrait have an old and nostalgic touch and they seem to be coming right out of an other time made of grace and gentle sadness.

No need to represent a woman interly or to fall into a common cliché of showing off her body. Rone focuses on the face and eyes. It is there that emotion lies. He himself says : "I try to find a point of friction between beauty and decadence." The goal is to create contrast between the sometimes dirty and chaotic streets and the "quiet beauty" of female faces displayed on walls. Rone's work will undoubtedly act on you as bewitching sirens.

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