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By Jacqui |  Published on Wednesday, September 7, 2011.

"We're Dutch Ink - We like it Dirty." Discover the Dutch Ink crew and their amazing reverse graffiti.

It seems like lately you can’t go two steps without hearing or reading about another kid given jail time, another artist being slammed with fines, or another article bemoaning the death and decay of our urban youth and spaces (here’s lookin’ at you NY Times). All this due to a recent spike in graffiti and street-art activity – most likely because of MOCA's "Art in the Streets” show glamorizing criminal delinquency. Hoodlums.

Into the fray of overcriminalizing graffiti and the general outcry by stuffy (and probably paunchy) city officials, steps a group of four guys from South Africa who met in school and turned a college assignment into Dutch Ink. Instead of adding to a wall, they take away by cleaning it. Chew on that one city officials.

Martin Pace, JP Jordaan, Stathi Kougianos, and Nick Ferreira took an assignment to create a business plan and developed it into their dream agency that has done many works throughout Durban and KwaZulu-Natal, including their first major commercial piece for Power Play Energy Drink. Their technique of “reverse graffiti” involves picking the dirtiest wall they can find in a place that will engage the public, and using stencils to clean away the grime to produce an image. As a group they inspire each other, working off each other’s creative energies as well as those of the environment and nature.

Take a gander through these photos from Dutch Ink’s site of their organic, environmentally friendly, and thoughtfully rendered works in South Africa. The group is constantly busy with a growing list of future projects, so be sure to check up on them in the coming weeks!


"The well-beaten path is not well, it's beaten." Power Play Energy Drink Typography



Power Play Griffin Detail



Power Play Typography Detail



"The Posh Armpit of Morningside"



"Sardine Run"



"Flight 101"



The Making of "Flight 101"



"Batteries Not Included"



"The Gods Must Be Crazy"


Special thanks to Nick Ferreira for contributing to this article.


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