Registred Kid


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Tuesday, October 13, 2009.

Focus on Robert Roman aka Registred Kid, a street artist from Barcelona. Large characters, plastic materials and Mix Media art.

Registred Kid painting graffiti from barcelona

Robert Roman (aka Registred Kid) is a 25 years old urban artist based in Barcelona with a formal training in graphic design and illustration. He works as a member of the artistic Mixed Media Crew, in large format murals with a variety of media including plastic paintings and aerosol paint. First he puts a solid layer painting base to create the textures, and then he mixes water with plastic or dissolvent with spray.

As a graphic and fashion designer he works under the alias Herokid.

You can find his work on his official site : Registred Kid

Registred Kid on FatCap

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Mixed Media crew :

street art by registred kid in spain

Barcelona graffiti herokid

Big walls graffiti by registred kid

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