NYC Wall #1


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Tuesday, June 30, 2009.

FatCap wall in the Queens! COPE2, TKID, SHADOW, OHS, SWET. Report, pictures and more...

Here's some pictures of the first wall we did. Exclusive pictures from the Queens. A big wall done with COPE2, T.KID, SHADOW, OH, and SWET.


We got a lot of pictures, videos, interviews  for you. Next week you'll see the second wall done in the Bronx thanks to our sponsors , MTN Montana Colors and Sen2 's Shop The BAKERY.



The Whole Wall ! (click on the picture to see it in a bigger size!)

fatcap queens wall with cope2 tkid, shadow and swet

Thanks to Roman for the picture, be sure to check his flickr!! --> Roman's Flickr





T Kid graffiti fatcap


Tkid in action


Swet sketch graffiti


Swet in action




Cope2 fatcap piece

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Where is it?