Pop Up Buenos Aires


By Lindsayt |  Published on Wednesday, May 18, 2011.

A pop-up show in Buenos Aires takes over a house and demonstrates what it really means to have style in this diverse and creative city.

In Buenos Aires, graffiti and street art morph into a style unrecognizable to many western artists. Some attribute this to the diasassociation of graffiti with vandalism, the late adoption of graffiti into their culture, or the openness of their communities to bright colors and well crafted pieces.  Many artists paint on the streets using a mixture of paint brushes, hand made paints, spray cans and stencils.  The community  is supportive, often intertwining new work with the existing work on the walls.

To get an idea of the ethos in Buenos Aires, the invitation for the pop-up show at the beginning of April read "I have the pleasure to invite you to a show where you will be able to see the work produced live, lasting 3 days, fro the artists who give away their work on the streets. Talk, ask, listen, watch, share. Given that most of the time, the art displayed on the walls happen while everyone rests at night, and you do not know how it got there."  Quite poetic and welcoming.

By Roma

By Jaz

By Poeta

By Mart (aka Aire)

By Roma, Mart and Dano, Photo by Guillermo Lanzilloti

Photo Credits (unless otherwise noted):  Graffitimundo

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