Pinto Con Lata


By Lindsayt |  Published on Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

Introducing Pinto Con Lata, a documentary out later this year about Caracas graffiti. Stunning.

Undefined, rough-around-the-edges, somewhat mysterious, and seemingly unknown.  Caracas, Venezuela has been off the radar for the FatCap community until now. 

Pinto Con Lata is the name of a new documentary featuring the graffiti scene in Greater Caracas, the capital and largest city in Venezuela. Between the lines, and subtly stated in the artistic choices of the director, viewers can understand that Caracas, which has the highest homicide rate in South America, creates an antagonist environment rife with struggle.  Amidst this tension lays several graffiti crews who are embroiled in battles with societal expectations and a fight over the use of public space.


Well produced, and entirely tantalizing, we cannot wait to see the entire version, and the opportunity to bring light to a region we have yet to talk about here on FatCap.


Text by LindsayT from the FatCap team

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