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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, August 5, 2009.

Pesci is an artist from Palm Springs. Here's for our readers the Pesci story.

Pesci is a graffiti artist from Palm Springs. Fatcap asked him to tell us his graffiti story. So here’s for you the whole story of Pesci One.

Ever since I was a small child I was interested in art. I can remember drawing on my bedroom wall with crayons like age 4 in low income apartments in south Palm Springs that my mom, myself and my little brother Frankie lived in. Man was she pissed, but I think even then it was an early indication that I was destined to be into Graffiti.

I reached my teenage years and my friends were skateboarders. We hung out in downtown Palm Springs in the 80’s during the crazy Spring Break times when downtown was packed with college kids armed with squirt guns and kegs, who’s only mission was partying and getting with the opposite sex which was what Palm Springs used to be all about during those times!


Pesci one graffiti 3D in Palm spings


Well that whole scene had a big impact on me especially once I got into Graff. A lot of my older friends(Toper & Devine) were already going out to Venice Beach every weekend skateboarding and were soon influenced by the LA Graff scene at the Venice Pavilion mainly & also the rest of Los Angeles.

When they would return back home they would always be carrying markers and hitting up every place we went to skate so I eventually did the same. Can’t lie man it was fun leaving a mark. That’s how it all started… Dan “89″ wid a Marks-A-Lot. Just trying to get up during the Spring Break times & beyond!!!

As I wrote and took trips to Los Angeles I found myself more and more observant of how the catz in LA were getting down with the cans. Catz like: Chaka (the tagging monster), Cab (for his repetitive lettering on freeway signs one after another after another after another etc…..), Hex (for his serious piecing skills), Pale, Poize, Fun, Risk, Fusion, Wisk, Kofie, Saber, Plast, Zip & Theme STK who hit up in Palm Springs & Sleez were bigggggg influences on me. I didn’t know any of them except for the marx they left. I realized that was the level I wanted to be at in the fame game but I wanted to do it where I lived. AND BOY DID IT!


Pesci grafiti


I would leave LA and come back home to Palm Springs and bring out the same intensity which enabled me to get noticed quite quickly by locals because it wasn’t that way where I lived and it is a fairly small resort town. I noticed that it was an “open market”, so to speak, and I took full advantage of that. Eventually, local catz started doing the same and BOOM, Graff was full-blown in the Desert. I joined a local crew called PSA (Palm Springs Artists). We just started rockin the cans and practicing. My friend Cezer(Defs), Yipes, Toper, Outer, Chose, Merk, Sketchie, Bust, Heist, Chalk, Alert, Smash (STP), Fry (STP), Sniper(STP) all three catz from Banning, and friggin so on. The local scene just grew and grew. I remember all of us would gather at different friend’s houses every weekend and have sketch parties where we would all draw together and party too. I have been doing it that way since, but of course as I got older I calmed down on the illegal stuff and focused more on can control skillz and making a profession outta this!!!

Now I am still down with the aerosol art, but not so much Graffiti anymore, though still an appreciator of those who do it and do it well.

I try to push my styles and art abilities by what I see and what inspires me. I can’t always put a label on that. Once I had an art gallery owner say that I lacked cohesion, but I say it’s more that I am still an experimentor of new things still trying to push the card to that next level for myself. Nevertheless, I am still an artist. In art there are no rules!!!! As soon as I try to over analyze it I find myself unable to do anything but be stagnated, discouraged & unproductive. I gotta let myself go where it’s going and keep my art clean, crisp and fun! If I’m not having fun there is no point to this for me at all then. So who knows where it’s going…. as long as I am going I am happy with my art. If I am happy with the art I have produced then I am happy. Ultimately that is the most important thing for anyone right!!!:) Peace….

Pesci-One (Palm Springs Artist)

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Pesci supports Kilatwill , Aesthetic Arrest and Solid Tatoo

Thanks Pesci!


sonic character by pesci graffiti


pesci grafiti

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