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Focus on Peeta a gifted graffiti artist and 3D master from Italy. Check out the pictures of his last show in Dusseldorf.

Here's some pictures and information about Peeta's show in Dussedorf called "Sparkle and Fade". Then, for the people who don't know his amazing work, you'll find after the jump a text wrote by Peeta explaining his graffiti career and his vision of graffiti.


graffiti exhibition


"Sparkle and Fade" was a Peeta Solo Exhibition at Pretty Portal Gallery in Düsseldorf Germany, from 30 October to 27 November 2009.

Sparkle and fade is a term they use in the fashion world to describe clothing which is dyed one colour but in various hues (for example a scarf might be dark blue at one end, mid-blue in the middle and light blue at the other end) with lurex embroidery or something like that on it, which sparkle. Which is like the way Peeta paints. Metaphorically this explains also the act of the graffiti writer when he paints something fast and sparkle and then he fades away quickly.


peeta exhibiyion in dusseldorf


The exhibition was a nice way to show Peeta's study works which are his canvases and above all his sculptures. One of the main artworks in the show is 'Twister', a 3,5 meters wide white plastic sculpture which is the bigger and the most accurate one.

It was also a nice opportunity to show the first bronze graffiti sculpture ever done. Despite the show is over is still possible to view some of the artworks at Pretty Portal, 'Twister' included.


peeta's sculpture


peeta's 3D piece


Right now Peeta is based in Vancouver BC Canada, he is busy painting new fresh artworks for the 8th of January show 'Merge' at Ayden Gallery in Vancouver. And even the distance he is currently showing his bronze and some other artworks at Urban Painting Show in Milan ending the 11th of January and  at "Dalla A alla Z" International Writing Exhibition in Battipaglia (SA), Italy ending the 10th of January. More shows area about to be planned in February during the winter Olympic games in Vancouver and later in Portland Oregon USA.


Peeta on FatCap

Peeta's official site


peeta's artwork


Peeta's Biography for FatCap readers

I use to write Peeta since 1993. I’ve started to paint in a little town between Venice and Padova (Italy) by my self, without any reference. As i grew up, I’ve started to move in Padova and Venice, I met many other graffiti writers, they gave me insight, and my style during the years evolves quikly from a kind of organic style to 3D style. Since 2000 i am a member of the EAD crew from Padova, this crew was born in 1991, it’s a crew with breakers, writers and music. Since 1999, I’ve started to travel around Europe, and I’ve been invited in many shows exibitions and mostly to graffiti jams and meetings, like the Meeting of Styles and many others. Since 2003 I am a member of the FX crew from New York City, this is a really oldschool crew since the 80’s.


peeta graffiti 3D


peet'as graffiti piece in italy


During the last years I’ve been travelling to all around Europe, US, Mexico, Colombia, and from 2006 i am a member of the RWK crew from New York. In the last eight years I’ve been painting on canvas selling them in my websites to people from all over the world, in the same time I developed some sculptures. Sculpting and painting, but also the photography are, in my opinion, disciplines who helps each other. Everytime I make a sculpture i recieve a lot of knowledge about 3D space and shapes, that’s help me to paint in a better way. And while I’m painting I develop new ideas for new sculptures. It’s a kind of circle.

Recently I’m doing industrial design too, wich is stimulating me new fresh ideas. I’m also doing new sculptures made by several materials and industrial technologies. It’s my way to combine Graffiti and design, to keep evolving Graffiti.


graffitii sculpture by peeta in italy


3D graffiti italy peeta

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