By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, March 15, 2010.

Peap is one passionate cat. When he’s not painting masterpieces he can most likely be found helping out hip-hop acts, clothing labels and other creative endeavours from his Auckland home. Enter the world of Peap, his studio, canvases, and street actions.

Peap (pronounced Pee-Ap), or Samapeap Tarr is a street artist originally from Auckland New Zealand now living and creating in Bangkok Thailand. His cultural background has influenced him to create his signature sinister yet tranquil works of art which has caught the attention of art lovers around the world and also gained respect from many of his art peers including legendary LA Graffiti Cholo style artist Chaz Bojorquez.





Known primarily for his use of bold black ink and paints on a blank white medium including canvas and walls, his art exists in a world where lightness and darkness battle, yet coexist in the same breath to balance each other and contrast against each other.

It represents the ups and downs of life, the yin and the yang, the ongoing war that ends up being waged on canvas or whatever medium his work lies on.



Peap light


Enter Peap' s studio with FatCap:

Here's some exclusive pictures of Peap's studio in Bangkok for FatCap.



Peap's studio



Peap artwork



Peap wrking






Peap canvas



Peap last canvas street art graffiti



Peap over the years has received international attention via the media press and has also appeared in Qantas Media award winning New Zealand art show “The Gravy” which features him in Series 3, Episode 2. Another recent documentary that Peap has been involved with and one of great significance to his birth place of New Zealand is the project called Canvassing The Treaty which is bringing together of six artists from diverse backgrounds, pairing them up, educating them about the Treaty of Waitangi, and watching dawning realizations for some as they produce equally diverse works of art.





Having exhibited in Los Angeles USA, Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney Australia Peap has now set his sights on the whole Asian region particularly the South East Asian region to really take his art and crew to new heights on grand creative level and to make new and exciting projects happen.

 “ I am always looking forward to making new and exciting projects happen on the creative level every day and to follow through with my goals and ambitions."

Peep is part of Angry Woebots crew Army of Snipers which has a list of crew members around the world who travel like an army of snipers only their weapon is paintbrushes and spray paint and their mission is to bring their unique graffiti and art to the world. Peap is also in LA Graffiti crew ICR

Outside of Peaps art hours he also has helped design shirts for various local New Zealand brands such as Cleatis Preston and Eshe and also a new project in the works with New Zealand Skate label ABC that both Peap and Angry Woebots are working on!


Peap also freelances as a Graphic designer and illustrator.



New zealand street art



Graffiti peap bangkok



Peap graffiti


Peap on FatCap


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