Panda Crew


By Jacqui |  Published on Monday, November 14, 2011.

Track the trail of an endangered animal via urban style. The panda bear struts its stuff on Fatcap.

Panda Crew was established in 1999 in Saint-Etienne by two talented students and illustrators Ant (PNDK) and Etc (Itissi). Now, it has been more than 10 years since Panda Crew first made this black and white bear its animal of choice.

In the beginning these panda lovers showed their devotion through an eponymous fanzine that brought together various “black&white-esque adventures” made with the participation of the “panda-world-kroo” members (Crips, Rek, C-3...)

They have since largely expanded their production domain (drawings, stickers, posters, custom, paper toys) and their distribution (streets, boutiques, galleries, online...). The “propaganda” is working.

Although this Chinese bear, a black and white palette, and salvaged materials constitute the style of the crew’s artists, this confirmed style also sometimes leaves room for other characters, colors, and supports.


Panda crew is creative, humorous, sarcastic, poetic and accessible to all. Don’t hesitate to check out the collective’s official website and the sites of each of its members (Etc, Blaa, Tez, and Ant) to see the richness of their work with your own eyes.

Original French text by Katia Takk

Dive into the urban panda universe:

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