Paint Your Faith


By Keusta |  Published on Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

Street art exploration of spirituality and faith through the event "Paint your Faith". Awesome mural by Faith47, Peeta, Titifreak and Indigo. Pictures and video.


Paint your faith

The United Church of Canada and 4 global aerosol artists collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind street art installation.


On April 28th 2010, the Vancouver city presented with a one-of-a-kind mural, located at 55-57 W. Hastings Street. It was the collaborative work of four world-renowned aerosol artists - Faith47 from South Africa, Titi Freak from Sao Paulo, Peeta from Italy, and Indigo, a local artist and dancer based in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.  These four artists have been invited by the United Church of Canada to paint their interpretation of faith, as part of their ongoing "Paint Your Faith" campaign.


The centerpiece of Paint Your Faith is the vibrant, colourful and soulful mural covering a 130’ x 13’ exterior wall located in the heart of the DTES.  It's the product of months of collaborative work by the four artists, each of whom brings their own unique perspective on faith and spirituality to the wall.




The Paint Your Faith mural projects first started in Toronto when the Metropolitan United Church approached Wondercafe with the prospect of doing something creative with the wall. Under the direction of Smith Roberts Creative Communications, the United Church’s advertising agency, the idea for Paint Your Faith was born. Internationally recognized aerosol artists Chor Boogie and Siloette were invited to join Canadian artists Elicser, Sueme and Mediah for the unique collaboration.  After three weeks of work, the wall was unveiled on Saturday, September 19th at a community event on the Metropolitan United Church’s grounds at Church and Shuter in downtown Toronto.


Here are pictures of the mural realized by Indigo, Titi Freak, Peeta and Faith 47.  More information and videos about the artists after the jump.



paint your faith










More about the artists:



Raised in Northern BC & currently based in the DTES, Indigo’s artistic process spans many disciplines, including painting, photography and contemporary dance.  After a recent transition into the visual arts, her work has already gained a recognizable yet evolving identity and has been presented at many mainstream & alternative venues around the world.  Soft, poetic and melodic, her paintings both on and off the streets capture her subjects in moments of quiet melancholy.


Indigo on FatCap


Indigo official site






Cape Town-based artist Faith47’s work is both gentle and harsh, a commentary on the country that has raised her with both joy and heartache. Finding inspiration from the various environments she finds herself in, her images live on abandoned walls, broken-down cars, empty factories, art galleries, dark alleyways, large commercials buildings and small shacks.   It’s Faith47’s awe with the world, her spirituality and the human condition makes her work not just something of multi-faceted beauty, but a jumping point for discussion.


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Faith47 official site





Titi Freak

Hamilton Yokota (aka Titi Freak) was born in 1974 in São Paulo, Brazil. Drawing influence from his Japanese heritage as well as his Brazilian upbringing, Titi Freak’s diverse mixture of cultural backgrounds combine to form a very distinct perspective, and unique creative voice. With colour schemes that can be only described as mystical, his work has caused passers-by to pause and take note since 1995.  Fusing Eastern and Western cultures with fashion, pop imagery, illustration, graffiti and comic influences, his art began to spread internationally and now has him as one of the more sought-after artists worldwide.


Titi Freak on FatCap


Titi Freak official site






An artist since 1993, Peeta began honing his craft in the streets of  Padova and Mestre. Filled with the ambition to find and establish his creative identity, he started traveling throughout Italy, meeting and learning from other established artists. It was only after hundreds of practice pieces that he began to develop his own unique style. Now based in Vancouver and a member of the EAD crew (Padova-Italy), FX and RWK crew (NYC), Manuel Di Rita’s work has been recognized worldwide for its unique 3D technique that anyone with a pulse is bound to notice.


Peeta on FatCap


Peeta  official site



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