OX versus advertising


By Wessame Benahcene |  Published on Friday, November 22, 2013.

Ox diverts advertising media with genius and humor through his street pop-art and abstract patterns. Brilliant !

Article by Wessame Benahcene for FatCap

In a time when advertising dominates our world, people who believe in the liberty of displaying freely images are starting an offensive against the dictatorship of image as conceived in our society. French artist OX does not only change but sometimes tears apart in order to denounce this disturbing ubiquity, as he did for example in his latest achievement in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. Playing with geometry and color, he created a new concept of advertising disobedience. Careful and sensitive to detail, OX is a maniac who cares about giving a new meaning to the surrounding scenery that invests. We already featured his work on FatCap Live! and as you can imagine, we are fans !


Through "impulsive collage" he takes over street furniture to add some humor in cities that too often became dull and boring. Bold, he enjoys creating situations in which the critical message is strong as can be pictured in his Morigny-Champigny work. His nickname is clear : the aim is to provide an oxygen bubble to suffocating societies saturated with information they have no control on anymore.

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