NYC Wall #2


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Sunday, July 5, 2009.

The second FatCap Wall done in the Bronx NYC. TKID, COPE2, DEEM, INDIE, EWOK, SHADOW, OHS, JICK, JEE. Pictures and report.

As we told you, we did two walls in NYC, the first one was in the Queens, so here's the pictures of the second wall in the Bronx with the KD crew. Huge wall done with COPE2, T.KID, DEEM, SHADOW, OHS, JICK, EWOK, INDIE, and JEE.


Big up to Shadow for his dope background straight from the MTA subway. Big up to all the artists, to our sponsors, MTN Montana Colors , and Sen2 's Shop The BAKERY.


The whole wall! Click on this picture.


Fatcap Bronx graffiti wall, tkid, cope2, ewok, deem




Shadow in acton



Cope2 bronx



Cope2 bronx graffiti fatcap


Tkid graffiti



Shadow graffiti bronx



Ewok graffiti piece bronx


Deem graffiti bronx


indie graffiti bronx


shadow background


Tkid Kool Herc Cope2


Tkid, Cope2 and Kool Herc.



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