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By Lindsayt |  Published on Monday, May 23, 2011.

Brooklyn-based artist Paz takes us on his trip to Colombia and Ecuador, piecing with members of the MFC crew.

Written by:  Paz

It had been too long since I had been back to my homeland of Colombia. I missed my family tons and was dying to witness the new world of art that had grown extensively over the passed years. On Jan 26th I was on the plane to Bogota! In my tiny brown JanSport suitcase I had managed to pack in presents, clothes, a camera, and a bag of Universal skinnies and Pink Dots. I was good to go. 5 hours later I was in Bogota listening to my aunt's jokes and looking out the window to a different world.

It had been 4 years since I had been in Colombia. In other words, way too long! After hanging with family and eating a whole lot of mangos and papaya I was with with my friend SHAM OKC Crew. He showed me the local papeleria (aka art store), where we bought paint. In Colombia, cans go for roughly 15,000 pesos ($7.50,) Caps (50 cents.) Once we were stocked on paint, we hit the  street. In Colombia if you paint during the day, with some nice colors and try to make it look more than street bombing you will have almost zero problems. So thats what we did.


BUT I didn’t spend all of my time in Colombia. I hopped on a plane and spent a week in Quito, Ecuador. Through FatCap, I met SKIPY MFC Crew, who is an amazing painter. Along with his brother STAR and ANDERZOUNZ we got to put together a nice little NYC-QUITO production. We painted with OHIO Paint, which is $2 and supposedly made by the same company that makes IRONLAK (it has the same distinctive smell.) Using OHIO paint takes practice, but once you get the hang of them they work great and cover well!

SKIPY painting.

PAZ Painting the NYC-Quito Production

Both countries were full of graffiti and street art. Around every corner is a well thought-out mural or nicely cut stencil. The styles have a broad range, from nice crisp straight letters to some mountain-jungle Incan inspiration. What I loved most about the graffiti scene here is that most of the pieces have a message and seem to be done for the the community and less for personal gratification. Not to say that the artist doesn’t get satisfied with her/his work, but there always seemed to be something greater behind their work other than just colors and a name.

With that said, I have been painting graf for over 4 years. I write PAZ, which means PEACE in Español. In America not a lot of people know what that means, but being back home gave me the outlet to express what I write in many ways. Through quotes like “La Paz Comienza Con Una Sonrisa” or “Peace Begins With a Smile,” or another piece that I painted “ALCANZA TUS SUEÑOS” aka REACH YOUR DREAMS with the O in SUEÑOS as a peace sign. Painting in Colombia and Ecuador helped me fortify even more my reason to paint: To brighten life with color and something positive to the community. I recommend anyone to take a trip out of your home country, go somewhere warm and nice, meet some cool artists and bring some color to a wall that might not have it.

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