No Place for No Hero


By Lindsayt |  Published on Friday, April 8, 2011.

Chor Boogie's preparing for a bi-city east coast tour to usher in Spring and show off his newest pieces of works. Catch him in DC and NY this fall!

"I'm painting at a place called The Freezer", he texted.  Sweet, we can find that.  Except that only one person we asked on our journey from U Street to Eastern Market had ever heard of the place.  Even people in the neighborhood, living less than 100 yards away weren't sure.  Leave it to the man of mystery, the creator of the Boogie Bird, to be painting somewhere so elusive.

Chor Boogie kicks off a two-part east coast tour tonight with "This Ain't No Place for No Hero" at The Fridge in Washington D.C.  The Freezer is The Fridge's art studio, where we found Chor last Saturday, finishing up some epic artwork demonstrating his signature style, patterns and birds with some new techniques we had never seen before.  His attention to detail, unprecendented skill with the can, and use of vibrant colors left our jaws dropped.

Here are some pictures of the work he'll be displaying in this exhibit, and his next show at Mallick Williams in New York City:


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Where is it?