3D in a child's world


By Wessame Benahcene |  Published on Wednesday, January 29, 2014.

Master of illusion to the ground, discover the anamorphic chalk by Nikolaj Arndt.

Article by Wessame Benahcene for FatCap

Just like Julian Beever, Nicholas Arndt is an artist who knows how to play with optical effects in an original and impressive way through the use of anamorphosis. The German artist combines talents in various fields : photography, painting, music, but he sometimes put all of these aside to concentrate on a simple tool : chalk. Simple, but with an amazing result. Chalk is a way to simply and easily create realistic artworks on the floor.

A theme often appears in his : nature and animals. His beasts populate the streets crowded with humans. The artist almost seemed to have been able to tame lion, wolves, orcas, horses, tiger, bear or crocodile ! We guess he kept his inner child alive since when he doesn't represent animals, he goes for themes dear to any little boys : planes or cartoons like figures. The artist takes us into the parallel world of our childhood we never wanted to leave.

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