Negligent Graffiti Control


By Lindsayt |  Published on Thursday, April 7, 2011.

Graffiti Control Systems of Los Angeles joins the ranks of Adidas and Auckland City Council as the most recent perpetrators of unprofessional, vandalistic work.

It pains us to write a third article now on the irresponsible business of buffing legal public art.  Auckland, Warsaw, and, now, Los Angeles.  It seems bitter sweet given the upcoming opening of Art in the Streets at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in LA, where many of these world reknown artists are set to exhibit.  

This is happening at an unprecendented rate, maybe we should have a format for writing up tickets to these gross violators?  Here we cover the basics:

Accused:  Graffiti Control Systems of Woods Maintenance Services

Plaintiffs:  Revok, Os Gemeos, Saber, Rime, Retna, Norm

Offense:  Breaking and entering on private property, and buffing a legal (commissioned) outdoor mural.

Here are two photos of the wall before it was irresponsibly and unethically defaced:

Via @PSPublicSquare

Via @LATaco

The most painful picture, below, evokes so much sadness, frustration and contempt given the obvious dismay and distress on the woman's face, realizing this work has been destroyed.

Via Revok1

Via @roughandgreedy

Graffiti Control Systems is a private company supported by public funds.  Like we said in our article Get Behind Askew, it's our job as tax paying citizens to point out the misappropriation of our dollars (or whatever your local currency).  

The villagers are grabbing their torches, to be sure.  Some are leaving scathing remarks on Graffiti Control Systems Facebook page (which was taken down sometime betwen 8:30 - 9:30 PM EST April 7th - cached version here) while others are doing the same on the business's Yelp Profile (which the company cannot take down themselves).  

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's current concerns for the city of Los Angeles Via @b2rianLS (fake document)

To continue following the story, hit up any one of the artists'  Twitter profiles (Revok1Saber) and the following links:

LATaco on Graffiti Control Systems

The real question is:  When are we going to organize ourselves effectively in order to preemptively combat this affront?

Text: Lindsay T, Managing Editor

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