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By Kacem |  Published on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.

Amazing selection of musicians portraits for the World Music Day, let's celebrate!

Established thirty years ago, the "Make music" concept (world music day) gradually conquered the world. Graffiti loves music, our movement was always linked to Hip Hop, Punk music, Electro music and many more style... Why? Because each artist is fond of a particular type of music. Graffiti is and will forever be open-minded.

FatCap invites you to celebrate the music through this selection of pictures, musician portraits from all over the world.

Flow (Bayonne, France)

Serve (New York, USA)

"Madonna Celebration" par Mr. Brainwash (Los Angeles, États-Unis) © Unurth

Mr. Brainwash (Los Angeles, États-Unis) © Unurth

Artiste inconnu (Williamsburg, États-Unis) © Lois In Wonderland

Noé Two © Noé2

Kalis (Paris, France) © Kalis

Kalis (Paris, France) © Kalis

Logick (Lille, France)

Rice (Reims, France)

Rice (Reims, France)

Rice (Reims, France)

Ino (Athènes, Grèce)

Artiste Ouvrier (Paris, France)

Bow (Londres, Royaume-Uni)

Mto (Berlin, Allemagne)

Mto (Berlin, Allemagne)

Mto (Berlin, Allemagne)

Mto (Berlin, Allemagne)

Flow Bohl (Berlin, Allemagne) © FlowBohl

Flow (Bayonne, France)

Meo974 (Paris, France)

Shaka & Nosbé (Paris, France) © VitoStreet

Zede (Chartres, France)

Mcyl (Capestang, France)

Eras (Seattle, États-Unis)

Spooz (Taipei City, Taiwan)

DoctorH (Paris, France) © VitoStreet

Brok, Alex, Takt, Rude (Ivry-sur-Seine, France) © Thias

Shaka (Paris, France) © Thias

Duza (Paris, France)

Estria & 357 (Oakland, États-Unis)

Socrome (Moroni, Comores)

Socrome (Moroni, Comores)

Nota (Belfast, Royaume-Uni)

E57e (Aarau, Suisse)

Ladies and Gentlemen, photographers, writers, do not hesitate to send me your portrait painted for the next selection...

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