Morris Park Crew Book


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

No other Graffiti crew from New York City’s graffiti heyday conjures up more images of angel dust smoking, beer drinking white boys than does the Bronx born and bred writing group MPC.

Starting in 1977 when founding members Colt and Slip started the crew, this account continues with how Cap 1 took over and led the crew down its unforgettable path in the 1980’s. As documented in 1983’s PBS movie Style Wars. Also portrayed as the character (Spit) in 1984’s movie genre classic Beat Street.

With a penchant for going to war for train space and territory, which in turn led to the largest city-wide cross out campaign. The MPC was known as everything from a bunch of thugs who beat, hung, and shot perceived rivals to a group of talentless toys.

Wrapped up in this raw tell all about the bad boys of New York City Graffiti, chronicles the crew’s passion for graffiti, along with the real life challenges its young members faced in their urban environment.The MPC Crew from The Bronx, N.Y defining the word "street" in Street Art since 1977.

MPC book available at Schiffer.

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