MOS 2012 France


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, September 3, 2012.

Focus on the Meeting of Styles in Perpignan, France. Walls avalanche and stunning styles to delight the 10,000 visitors who enjoyed the day&night graffiti sessions.

Festival meeting of styles 2012

For the third year in Perpignan, the French Meeting Of Styles drew more than 10,000 people on a weekend. Day and night graffiti sessions, 1200 square meters surface filled, great murals and amazing styles.

For the first time in MOS history, there was a night event which brought together many disciplines of street culture, mc's, dj's, riders and of course graffiti artists from all over the world: United States, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland.

Here's a selection of pictures and a video. Enjoy.

Meeting of style jam 2012

Azek & Desy

Chade, Duza, Taer & Limo

Keyler & Spot

Opse, Socrome & Keyone

Demon & Kanos

Ewik et Semo

Kanos, Sloke & Astro

Berns & Isaac

Quesa & Sly2

Siana, Ogre & Anyone

Skuze, Flow & Veans

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