Monsters and Graffiti


By Kacem |  Published on Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

They are heroes' worst ennemies and graffiti artists' best friends. Here is an opportunity to celebrate Halloween with a selection of the most "beautiful" monstrous creatures.

(Lisbonne, Portugal) © I AM FROM LX | Since 1983

They are often green, they are vicious, they sometimes have a human appearance, robotic or animal forms or even organic shapes. They are hated in movie but seem to be adored by graffiti artists, they are "b-monters-boys" (any better way to put it?). This kind of characters abound in murals in any given way. They sometimes look nice, almost amusing or touching but do not be fooled by their appearance. Behind each of these creatures is often hiding a demonic technique! Here is a selection of some of the most nasty of them all to celebrate Halloween.

Horror-ween by Nicer © TatsCruInc

Vyal (Los Angeles, USA)

Zmogk & Neok (Marrakech, Maroc) © Neok

Muro (Barcelone, Espagne)

Mel, Kalouf, Sway, 2rode, Rem Asher, Sine, Feustay (Niort, France)

Eklor (Paris, France)

Rensone & Cisco (Barcelone, Espagne) © Rensone

Tuba (Belgrade, Serbie)

Beastman (Sydney, Australie)

Kenz & Beastiestylez (Munich, Allemagne) © Beastiestylez

(St Kilda, Australie) © Pepperchili

(Cincinnati, USA) © The Upstairs Room

© ˇˇMaTe.Mˇˇ

Kid Zoom (Sydney, Australie) © baddogwhiskas

Japs & Will (Sao Paulo, Brésil) © w1ll14m

Pato © FernandoGomes0301

Foram © The Mouarf

Shaka & Nosbé (Paris, France) © The Mouarf

Katch1 (Hilo, Hawaii)

Astus Two, Hope, Wens (Perpignan, France)

Dimak (Salvador, Brésil)

Jone (Brest, France)

Azek (Toulouse, France)

Kalouf (Nevers, France)

Seyb & Rude (Montreuil, France)

Huit (Maubeuge, France)

Nite Owl & Onedr (Oakland, USA)

Jazi (Genève, Suisse)

Mezy (Perpignan, France)

Jerc (Nice, France)

Mask, Sinke & Kalis (Ris-Orangis, France)

Bam, Estria, Kraze, East3, (San Francisco, USA) © Mike Bam!

Shaka (Paris, France) © vitostreet

Bigod & Johny C (Brésil) © Arte Urbana

Reyes (New York, USA) © Street Art NYC

Dane, Repaze, Saïr, Spektr &1fekt (Niort, France) © Spektr.vtp.triplesept

Riot (Berlin, Allemagne) © -lucky cat-

Solo, Reso, Nes, JA, Reks, K.Put, Shick, Ebola, Kent1, Ayen, Geb, 100Tor & Close (Toulouse, France) © Thias (°-°)

Rensone (Strasbourg, France) © Rensone

Weeno, Sane2 & Soy (Most Wanted crew) © Chrixcel

Mel, Sway, Rem & Kalouf (France) © Thias (°-°)

Gutter (Toulouse, France) © Thias (°-°)

Pixel23 (Francfort, Allemagne) © Startape PhotoGraff

PixelJuice (Hesse, Allemagne) © PixLjUicE23

Nilkone & Duster (Paris France) © vitostreet

Neok (Paris, France) © Neok

Sigle, Sake, Tempo, Mask & Bom.k (Paris, France) © vitostreet

Madkow (Paris, France) © vitostreet

Bonom (Paris, France) © vitostreet

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