Momentum Videos


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, February 23, 2015.

Guys from the Momentum Art Tech have been really busy. They delivered 3 quality videos that will blow your mind.

The Momentum Art Tech  hails from Chicago but has members all over the country. The first video is simply awesome. Graffiti meets Woodwork and Chicago meets Dortmund. A Cooperation between the Momentum Art Tech and Form-Schlüssig from Dortmund Germany. Beautiful artworks on paper and woods...

The second video is an interview with Mark Bode and Dr Revolt, two graffiti legends. C3PO gives us here a refreshing video during their last exhibition.

Last but not Least, the third video  is an interview with Teel One, member of the Momentum Crew where we see him painting under a snowstorm.

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