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By Anissa |  Published on Monday, September 2, 2013.

An idea + a wall = Mobstr or the art of organise the visual crime !

FatCap : What does "mobstr" mean ?

Mobstr : The name mobstr has a little bit of depth to it. It came about for 3 reasons although one of them I will not explain.

It is a play on the term mobster which is someone who deals in organised crime. Most of my work is illegal however a lot of organisation goes into it. So as a joke I use the idea of it being organised (art) crime. The difference between my illegal business and that of a real mobster is mine involves painting on walls without permission and not being part of an organised crime gang. The name also originated because I used to have a pet lobster called mobster.

FC : Who are you ? And where are you from ? 

M : I cannot go into details of who I am and where I came from. All I will say is that Mobstr was born in Newcastle.

FC : What is your relationship with graffiti and street art. 

M : I'd like to say it is a great love of mine but I think it would be fairer to call it an obsession.

FC : From which way did you come to street art ? 

M : Subversion. It has always been in my nature to twist and subvert my surroundings. When I found out the potential of applying spray paint to this instinct it quickly grew into a strong focus of mine.

FC : How you define your style ?

M : Minimalist. I like the idea of making a large impact with very little. It also means you can produce a lot of stuff in a very small amount of time. When time is one of your greatest limiting factors this is a very important quality of your process.

FC : How do you proceed to cover a wall ?

M : Sometimes the idea comes because of the wall. Sometimes I have an idea and find a wall to fit it.

FC : Do you know how people react face to your art ? 

M : I think some people like it and some don’t like it.

FC : You analyse society and most of the time your "advert" are ironical, that make us smile and think, meditade. What do you want to express thanks street art ? 

M : I guess to put it simply : entertainment. I am not trying to change the world or anything like that. Our urban environments have a lot of visual potential. I am interested in changing that same old street into something different.

FC : "A WALL + A THOUGHT = AN ART PIECE" is this your belief ? 

M : For that particular piece, yes. It is a thought and it is a wall and it is an art piece A self proclaiming prophecy you could say...

FC : With your art work, are you trying to convice that people can change by expressing ? 

M : Not really. I am just having fun. I do not take what I do too seriously but don’t be mistaken : there is a massive passion behind it. I strongly believe you shouldn’t believe too strongly in anything.

FC : "Speak without thinking is shooting without aiming". Do you agree ? 

M : Yes but then again if you shoot without aiming you might hit something great. Ha ha. Just talk a lot of shit and eventually something genius will come out. (joke)

FC : Ha ha ! When you have finished a wall, what do you think ? 

M : I am glad I got away with it and then what is the next thing to paint.

FC : What is your vision of graffiti and street art in London ? Has it changed since the glory of Banksy

M : I have only seriously started painting in London for the last 2 years but I came to live here for a short while about a decade ago. I painted a little bit back then. Things definitely seemed different but maybe I was caught up in the excitement of being in a new city thriving with the art that I love. I didn’t used to know other people who were in the scene and now I am saturated by it. I think since Banksy has received his recognition people from all walks of life are trying to jump on the bandwagon now that street art has been acknowledged as “cool”.

FC : Is there a secret street artist society in London ?

M : If there is an secret society I haven’t been invited.

FC : If you were a great writer, who would you be ? 

M : Fuck, what a hard question. I think I can only answer who I’d like to be. Maybe Hunter S. Thompson because he was insanely brilliant and brilliantly insane in. That or Audous Huxley because he had such a mastery of the English language and he died whilst tripping on acid.

FC : Your favorite quote ? 

M : It doesn’t make sense but you can take some vitamins in the morning and kill yourself in the afternoon.

FC : And the one you didn't put on a wall yet ? 

M : I would never reveal this.

FC : Thank you Mobstr !

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