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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, July 3, 2013.

Our friend the Urbanist met Zio Ziegler and offer you a video of his amazing street artwork. Pictures and video inside.

Article by The Urbanist for FatCap

It all started when I received a call from a local club promoter, whom I had worked with before on a dj night, asking me if I was willing to meet him in the Mission district the next day to cover a mural. He had commissioned an artist to paint the exterior wall of a local bar and inquired if I was available to film the process. Of course with such late notice I was not expecting much. I could not have been more wrong.

Upon arriving at the location I was immediately struck by the amount of energy and enthusiasm contained in Zio Ziegler as the promoter introduced me to him. Within minutes Zio was already discussing his clothing line and inquiring about a look book. It was quite refreshing to meet someone so project oriented and I had a feeling I was in for more than I had bargained for. Pretty soon though pleasantries and coffee were over and it was time to get down to business.

As I began filming Zio the first thing I noticed was his lack of a rough draft. I had worked with several muralists before and had noticed that all of them preferred to work from source material but this guy was different. Without pause he jumped from one area to another with a seemingly perfect sense of spacing and size. His speed and accuracy let me know that I needed to be 100% focused, this was not going to be some casual shoot where the artist took frequent breaks for cigarettes or to ponder his next move. I was glad that I had memory cards and batteries to spare for my DSLR.  Quickly an outline formed.

What Zio lacked in color he more than made up for in the intricacy of his design. Filling in his figure with cross hatching began to add depth and style that was in my mind an exotic blend of African and South American design. I found my self frantically moving from one location to another with little sense of time as all of my focus was directed purely on capturing the image developing before my eyes. Every now and then I would snap out of this state to notice a crowd formed on the opposite side of the alley from where Zio was working. People who had been going about their day had been intrigued by what was occurring and had decided to put their plans on hold to sit and witness art being created. I’m sure all who stopped found themselves under the same trance I was experiencing and paused for far longer than they had originally planned. It was almost as if Zio and, by witnessing his work, all around him were moving at one speed while the world continued to pass us all by at another. Yet it wasn’t so much that Zio was moving faster than reality but more as if time stopped to allow him to paint and then speed up again to catch up with reality during his rare pauses. I attempted to capture this feeling in the video I created by continually altering time whenever Zio was painting or others observed him. To accompany these images I focused on composing a soundtrack that combined an aggressive full forced bass line with drawn out strings, glitchy percussion and spacey voices with heavy amounts of reverb. I only hope I have accurately captured what it is like to witness Zio Ziegler work.

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