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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, August 12, 2013.

Interview of the gifted illustrator and street artist Mark Goss.

After studying graphic design in his native London, Mark Goss began his professional career from Antwerp in Belgium, exhibiting and working on projects there as well as in London, Rotterdam and other European cities and having had solo exhibitions in Japan and Hong Kong. In addition Goss has produced work for a number of clients including London Fashion Week, Imperium Snowboards, Cutty Sark Whisky and the city of Antwerp.

Not limited to any particular medium but with a penchant for graphic mark-making and using found objects, Goss creates typographic and figurative images inspired by his environment and experiences.

Interview conducted by Jester Jacques Gallery for FatCap.

FatCap : After studying graphic design in London and then beginning your professional career in Antwerp, Belgium what made you decide to move all the way to Hong Kong ?

Mark Goss : My wife was offered a job in Hong Kong and we saw it as an opportunity to explore and experience a different part of the world.

FC : You like to work with found objects and in a variety of mediums such as : cardboard, paper, wood, concrete and even saw blades – which is your favourite medium to work with ?

MG : I like all of them equally, I’m interested in trying lots of different mediums and recently have been experimenting with more mixed media work, I do really like doing the sawblade paintings though.

FC : What was the first piece of artwork you made ?

MG : I vaguely remember drawing a small portrait of my Grandad when I was probably around 8 or 9, my parents complimented me on the drawing and I think that definitely inspired my interest in making art.

FC : What artists inspired you early on ? What artists inspire you now ?

MG : I remember being quite interested in Salvadore Dali although I don’t think it actually influenced my work. Later on as I started studying graphic design I really liked the design work of Saul Bass, who designed film posters for Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and many other iconic movies, I was also really inspired by Mike Giant’s graffiti and artwork throughout my studies (and now !).

Nowadays it’s difficult to name just one or two artists currently working who inspire me because of the constant stream of amazing artwork that you see on the internet. A few notable people whose work I really admire though is ; Evan Hecox, Bezt and Sainer of the Etam crew all of the French DMV crew and also Israel’s Broken Fingaz (each time I think I’m done with a list someone else pops into mind !).

FC : What are the other influences of your work ?

MG : My surroundings are a major influence on my work, so my environment ; the buildings, signage, people, everything around me have a major influence on the content of my work.

FC : If you could collaborate with any living artist who would it be and why ? Any deceased artists ?

MG : There’s loads of artists I’d want to collaborate with right now, Evan Hecox I’d really like to work with and I’d love to work on a wall with the Etam crew, as for deceased artists I think Keith Haring would be great person to work with.

FC : What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the near future ?

MG : I’m currently working on a few commercial mural projects and after those are finished I want to get started properly on work for a solo show that I’ll be doing here in Hong Kong this December.

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