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By Shahrzad |  Published on Friday, February 15, 2013.

Susan Vasconcelos and Jenn Strauss are two scavenger hunting street art fans. Both have been part of the street art scene for the past couple years photographing work throughout LA.

For the month of January, both ladies worked hard to create scavenger hunts around Los Angeles to encourage people to get out on their days off and hunt for street art.  The two have got works from LebA, Zombie, Army of One, Gregory Siff, Mar, Bosschief, 2wenty, Earl Lee, Stay Up! Los Angeles, Cantstopgoodboy, There She Is, Destroy All Design, You Killed Me First, Pastey Whyte, Chor Boogie, Cryptik, THEFL and a bunch more that contributed to the prizes for the first and second place winners.

With clues like “Burnt out and locked up, they’ve come and gone, from Banksy to Becca, it still stood strong. The view is breathtaking, don’t sit there all day, it might be in front… Or in the driveway” that show up on their facebook page the night before the hunt, people have been exploring LA in hopes of getting their hands on a piece by one of the participating street artists.

The rules? Simple. Follow the clues to the location. Once you get there email, tweet, facebook or instagram a photo of the location to Lucky 13 and either Susan or Jenn will come out and grant you your prize. Pretty easy way to score some sick art.

The first hunt was New Years day and despite the majority of the western world trying to sleep off their hangover, many LA street art lovers came out early to find prizes created by LA based Leba.

While this was originally going to be a month long scavenger hunt, more and more LA folks have been running out on early weekend mornings to find some cool new art for their homes. Lucky 13 looks forward to continuing these hunts  with more prizes and more fun for the whole street art family “we’ve gotten such a great reaction that we are planning on setting up more hunts in the future,” says Susan, “The name will then change since this was just a one time shot for Jan of 2013… the name wouldn’t make sense.

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