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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Thursday, October 8, 2009.

The street artist Steve Powers a.k.a Espo strikes again with an ambitious mural project in Philadelphia called Love Letter. A love letter for you.

love letter espo


Love Letter is a project by Steve Powers, the city of Philadelphia and the Mural Arts Program  sponsored by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative. 

A team of 40 local and international artists led by artist Steve Powers put final touches on thi art project in Philadelphia. The results of their labor won't be in one of the city museums but on buildings along the elevated train route in west philadelphia.

When completed, the project will include 50 rooftops and a street-level murals, each depicting a cryptic love note.


love letter a street art project by steve powers espo

"I saw this opportunity to reclaim the space on these rooftops ans reexamine graffiti" said Steve powers, who grew up in Philadelphia.


A documentary film will be produced, and 2 books documenting the project. One of the books will be a small paperback that will be distributed to area businesses free of charge, for them to sell to visitors. The other book will be a larger hardcover book that will document not only the artwork, but the neighborhood and the inspirations of the Love Letter Project.

via : The Philadelphia Inquirer


espo street art in philadelphia steve powers


If you want more informations, here's an interview of Steve Powers talking about this project, and for more pictures, be sure to check the love letter blog.


love letter project espo


espo steve powers street art


graffiti by espo steve powers in philadelphia







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