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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Friday, February 27, 2015.

Discover street art from Poland, stickers, stencils, giant walls through the amazing archives of the Living Canvas project.

Street art from Poland

Empty Forms is one of these website project that bring joy in the street art movement. Since several years it has documented street art in Poland with great pictures. We wanted to present you this project and its philosophy through the words of its author. Here are some pictures after the jump, make sure to visite the site for more amazing art from Poland.

Words by the author :

It's been a while since "Living Canvas" first appeared on the web. After many years it was important for me to maintain the consistency of the entire project. First of all, Living Canvas has never been about finding “The best Street Art” nor about showing something unusual and unique. I also don’t believe in any mission, such as that Street Art should carry a certain message, make people think or tackle social issues.

What fascinates me most is the phenomenon which takes place on the street itself. If we put aside all the stories saying:  "He's an artist and he did it because bla bla and it means that bla bla bla",then what we are left with is a truly shiny and vivid experience. People with no artistic background, on a daily basis encounter these spontaneous means of expression and then create this entire phenomenon. None of the elements can be excluded here. Sometimes it is just a small and simple sticker which distinguishes itself from the surroundings or the great art which for sure involved many hours of work and effort. But it is the vividness itself and its various qualities what really brings me joy.

My friend once summed it up nicely. Let me quote him: "For me, the art on walls is a metaphor of the facade of human identity. The display of grimaces, faces and mental states incused on buildings, informing about something, expressing something or even asking questions. That is how the cities come to life and go beyond the monotony of the same signs, everyday architecture and colorful greyness of life in schemes. Street Art is worth being documented, as the social order and propriety destroys the works that should in fact be appreciated and become a part of private and national collections".


Graffiti de pologne

Pochoir et street art a Varsovie

Peinture géante et street art a Varsovie

Street art et graffiti polonais

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