Jorge Peniche


By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2009.

Los Angeles photographer Jorge Peniche provides you with stunning portraits of his generation.

Photographer Jorge Peniche, a native of Los Angeles, CA, embarked on his photographic journey in 2006 by shooting photographs for hip-hop heavyweight The Game. Peniche's images reflect the world through a kaleidoscope of subjects, from shooting in the trenches of the world's most notorious gang neighborhoods to shooting in the most lavish abodes sitting atop hills overlooking the world he roams. His work is unique, and seeks to create iconic images that will represent a generation's history. His work has graced the pages of several countries' major magazines including the United States, the Philippines, Germany, Japan, Australia, and the list continues to grow.


Check more of Jorge Peniche 's works on his official site : Jorge Peniche


jorge peniche photography


Jorge peniche


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jorge peniche

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