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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

Enter the FatCap Live! with this amazing selection by our team. Just for your eyes pleasure.

Elliott Tupac, Seth & El Decertor (Lima)

FatCap Live! is our latest website, and we thought it, from its conception to its execution, to please all the color-lovers that we know you are, whether you’re already a street-art expert or just an occasional visitor.

Shaka (Fontainebleau)

Stinkfish (Lima)

Reyes & Rime (Oakland)

In a nutshell, “Live!” gives you an immediate first look at all the recent street art pieces around the world, with a strong focus on the best artists: those you already know, and those that are so gifted that you probably should.

Seth (Siem Reap)

Blu (Melilla)

DALeast (Le Cap)

Rone (Melbourne)

Hand picked all day long by the Live! journalists team, each article features big-format and high-quality pictures of the installations.

Enric Sant (Barcelona)

El Mac & Retna (Los Angeles)

Roa (Richmond)

Meggs, Angry Woebots, Will Barras, Mr Jago & Peap Tarr (Honolulu)

FatCap Live! aims at being the showcase of the current street art scene, with its emerging and established artists. Showing the evolution of the movement in its various forms, its innovations and its latest trends. All that in real time.

Anjo (Sao Paulo)

Ox (Paris)

Jade (Lima)

Faith47 (Le Cap)

Shok1 (Londres)

Focusing on the image rather than the text, you can still get more information about the artist, the city or the country related to the installation, by simply clicking on one of the links you’ll find at bottom of each article, and you will enrich your experience with our best content from!

Mr Dheo (Porto)

Ludo (Katowice)

Around the world, FatCap Live! is on all fronts so that you never miss a street-art thing again!

Cern (Le Cap)

Here is a selection of Live! specially sorted for you (click on thumbnails below to access the Live!).

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Above réitère à Miami
Sam3 à Besançon
Nunca à Grottaglie


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