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By Vincent Morgan |  Published on Monday, July 29, 2013.

She's from Brooklyn, she rocks walls, we love her style. Interview please!

Street art painting by Sheryo in New York

Article by Peishan Chen for FatCap

Named by Complex Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Street Artists to Watch in 2013”, Sheryo is a Brooklyn based artist originally from Singapore. She has collaborated with fellow artist The Yok on various murals, having spent the last half of 2012 traveling and painting in different cities. We speak to her about her art and transatlantic travels.

FatCap : What inspired your move to Brooklyn ? How did you get started on painting walls all over New York ?

Sheryo : I met The Yok and he suggested I move to Brooklyn, I'd always wanted to live in New York so I just went for it. When I first got there no one knew my work, my first wall was at 5pointz thanks to Meres ! Lois from Streetartnyc saw me painting and took some pictures, and from there I started getting more and more walls.

Street art by the brooklyn female street artist Sheryo

Sheryo female street artist artwork on wall

Yok and Sheryo on a common wall

FC : Who are the artists that have influenced you ?

S : As a kid I really liked Reg Mombassa's stuff and cartoons, some of my favourite artists now are Todd James Reas, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgalen, Michael Sieben. Working with The Yok has inspired me a lot, we have some really good crazy ideas together.

FC : You have done a lot of travelling in the last couple of years. Which place has left the deepest impression on you and why ?

S : I think it would be a tough fight between Cambodia and Vietnam. Cambodia, because I lived there for 5 months and because it was the total opposite of Singapore, it was dangerous and I didn’t speak the language. Vietnam, because I had such a great time painting porcelain vases in the porcelain village and there were so many adventures there too - getting pickpocketed and chasing after the thief for my money back, almost stacking on a motorbike, great cheap food. I also liked Seoul for its food and painting spots, my friend Junkhouse brought me to this amazing neighbourhood that looked like it was the apocalypse, we ended up running from the popos in the end, walked 12 blocks and went to get some amazing Nepalese curry after.

Big wall by Sheryo in New York

Sheryo street art in the streets of Dubaï

Hamburger painting by Sheryo

FC : Which is your favourite piece of work so far and why ?

S : I like all the new black and white stuff I’ve been painting. A few of my favourites are the fish & chips wall in Fremantle, Perth and the Merlion hipster in Singapore. As for walls in colour, I really like all the food-related walls I’ve painted around the US and the Diamond Snatcher Gronk in Leederville, Perth.

FC : You often collaborate with The Yok on your murals. Are there any other artists that you would like to collaborate with ?

S : There are too many artists I’d love to work with ; I love going to a new country and painting and hanging out with local artists. They're the best as they bring you to all the best spots.

FC : Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the wall that you did in Dubai as a headlining artist for Tiger Translate ?

S : My piece was called 'The Case of the Missing Camel'. Mr Camel went for some shisha and he's been missing for about 48 hours, I think the genie's got something to do with it...

Big wall by Sheryo in New York

FC : How were you involved in Living Walls in Atlanta ? How was it like working alongside such so many female street artists ?

S : I painted a mural in Kirkwood, Atlanta. The piece is about a junk food chase in the desert, there's a gnarly donutman riding a motorbike, a hotdog skateboarding and a cheeseburger driving a jeep. It was fun meeting other girls who paint ; I wish more girls were painting murals. The vibe of the entire event was great ; I made so many good friends like Mollyrosefreeman, Olive47, Trek Alexander Matthews, Tika etc. The Living Walls team was incredibly helpful and amazing !

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